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We've said all we can say about The Passage Trilogy. Now, we want to know what you think.

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Posted by John Crandall on 04/25/15

I love the way you put pen to paper. But it's time for the third of the trilogy. You know I will have to re read The Twelve. . I have put that wonderful task off long enough . I have started today and I'm a slow reader So help me here.

Posted by Dae Jones on 04/18/15

I am as impatient as anyone who reads Mr. Cronin's work. Fortunately, I am of the persuasion that the anticipation is the best part of awaiting release--wink! After stalking the internet and keeping a hawk eye beaded upon every word tweeted or FBed by Cronin, nothing has changed but can be expected. ... (continued)

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Posted by Wesley Hills on 04/12/15

I ordered City of Mirrors yesterday (4/11) from Amazon.uk as my daughter lives in London and could send it to me earlier than what I thought was the US release date of 10/22/15. Today my daughter texted me that the UK release date is now 12/31/16 and not 10/08/15 which it was yesterday. Please, someone ... (continued)

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Posted by Alex McGregor on 03/22/15

I tried to read The Passage around when it was first published, but it hadn't come at the right time in my life - I was a little too young, and hadn't developed enough as an author. Then, a couple of years later, I found it again: now it's my favourite book ever, along with The Twelve, and I'm positive ... (continued)

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Posted by Elaine Bateman on 03/04/15

Excellent news about October release. I pop in here about once a month to see how things are going. It's been a long wait but I know the result will be awesome.

Posted by Luis Alberto Perez Najera on 02/27/15

This is an amazing story, I have never read something like this, so fluid and powerful. The Passage has everything a reader would like to find in a book. Without a doubt this will be my favorite trilogy, and at the same time a very scary and realistic story.

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