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We've said all we can say about The Passage Trilogy. Now, we want to know what you think.

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Posted by Albert Anders on 07/16/14

I have just finished reading the portuguese translation of The Twelve, and I'd like to congratulate Mr. Cronin for his exquisite work. Looking forward to "City of Mirrors".

Posted by Giovanni Da silva on 07/02/14

Justin or whathever who see this, i'm from south america and idk how contact justin cronin or someone else who can help me, i really really want a booked signed by justin, will pay it of course!

Posted by Terry Shames on 06/16/14

I read The Passage when it first came out. I shouldn't say I read it--I devoured it. Binge reading at its best. In fall of 2012 I went to a writers conference and in my "goodie bag" I found an advanced reader copy of The Twelve. It was all I could do not to blow off the conference and hole ... (continued)

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Posted by Gillian Wood on 06/06/14

I read The Passage 4 years ago and then when The Twelve was issued I had to re-read The Passage before I could read The Twelve. I have just re-read them both again!! They have gripped me like no other books (and I am an avid reader). The anticipation of the final book is palpable, and I would agree ... (continued)

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Posted by Randy Bloom on 04/06/14

Everyone is asking when Justin Cronin will finish "City of Mirrors". The answer is simple, he'll finish when he finishes. People love the other 2 books in the series because of their intricate and layered, interlocking storylines. Like George R. R. Martin from Game of Thrones, to a certain ... (continued)

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Posted by WHERE IS MY BOOK?!!!! !!!! on 03/25/14

This is Zero. I want The City of Mirrors now!!! Come to me. Come to me. Come to me. Don't make me go viral...

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