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We've said all we can say about The Passage Trilogy. Now, we want to know what you think.

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Posted by Kathy Nemeth on 09/13/14

When is the third book coming out?

Posted by Marcie Charles on 08/19/14

When is "City of Mirrors" set to be released?

Thank you!


Posted by Sandra Weaver-Deem Deem on 08/11/14

I'm on my third time listening to both books. Between Justin Cronin's excellent writing, and Scott Bricks amazing ability to give life to the characters, I can't help but wish the third installment was already out!

Posted by Tara Ramsey on 08/05/14

I'M STILL reading the twelve. well..actually more like paused the reading on the last chapters. Im waiting for the next book to come out. I refuse to finish the twelve without having the third one released. Im stubborn, and impatient. no pressure. just letting you know that you're awesome. and keep up ... (continued)

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Posted by Just Sayin' on 07/30/14

My brother recommended The Passage to me; I told him I had already read it and while I loved it to call me when he got to the end! We are anxiously awaiting the 3rd book, which it not yet on Amazon!

Posted by Albert Anders on 07/16/14

I have just finished reading the portuguese translation of The Twelve, and I'd like to congratulate Mr. Cronin for his exquisite work. Looking forward to "City of Mirrors".

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