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We've said all we can say about The Passage Trilogy. Now, we want to know what you think.

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Posted by my name doesnt matter on 11/23/14

Please, could someone tell me who secretly had sex with elton?? maybe galen strauss' mother? I have no know every single detail.

Posted by vera Calhoun on 11/20/14

Can't wait! Super excited and I know the wait will be worth it! Thank you Justin for sharing your amazing imagination with us...

Posted by Eric W on 11/16/14

The internet is gross. The books are amazing. Take as long as you need. If it came out tomorrow but wasn't perfect, the internet complains. Take time to perfect it, the internet complains. Creating isn't easy and it takes time. Please don't let the vocal minority get you down. The overwhelming ... (continued)

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Posted by Shanna Thomas on 11/07/14

Thank you Mr. Cronin for updating your anxious readers on the status of City of Mirrors. I am so excited at the premise of its future publication, and am sure you are delivering a thrilling conclusion to this trilogy. I want to send kudos to all who have rooted so positively for you on this writing ... (continued)

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Posted by Justin Cronin on 11/07/14

The author here. Thank you Beth, David, Kim and Kristina (as well as many others) for your patience and support. The City of Mirrors is well on its way, but these things do indeed take time. It's a heck of a long book, and I want to get everything just right--my readers deserve it. As for a pub date: ... (continued)

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Posted by Kristina Soto on 11/06/14

Take your time on the 3rd! I loved the first 2 and I want the 3rd to be worth the wait!! However, I am curious as to when the 3rd is set to be released? Thanks!

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